Whipped Shea butter Cream Mix

whipped shea butter cream mix recipe


 How To

  • Place a pot with a little bit of water on the fire. Put the bowl with the mix on top of the heating water to melt the mix.

  • Put the fire in low key and remove as soon as the mixture has completely melted so that your oil melt without losing its nutrients. Melting your shea butter first before mixing it up will make your shea butter stay creamy longer than if you have mix it up directly in its original state.

  • Take it off the heat, cover with plastic wrap and put it on the freezer for about 30 minutes. You want it to solidify just enough so that you can mix up your butter.

  • Using a hand mixer, mix up your butter until you get the consistency you like. 20 minutes is generally perfect to get a super creamy texture.

  • Sanitize your jars by spraying alcohol and then wiping then with paper towels before filling them with our creamy shea butter mix.



unrefined organic Shea butter yellow unrefined organic shea butter

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