6 Ways to celebrate Black History Month

1. Support Black businesses

If you really plan on doing something different this February, why not try supporting some Black businesses? That’s going to go a long way in strengthening local economies, creating job opportunities and promoting diverse African culture. If we want to really create a direct impact on our society, we must also invest in our community so that everyone can grow stronger together.

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 2. Read the biography of an influential Black figure

This is the ideal moment for you to read biographies of some of the most powerful and important black figures that played a major role in shaping our society. Take time and relax with a good book from Black authors. Here are some recent bestsellers : Becoming by Michelle Obama; Born a crime by trevor Noah; 12 years a Slave by Solomon Northup.

3. Watch some movies and Documentaries.

Reading books is not your thing? Watching movies has always been a fascinating adventure as it brings out the emotions of every story. Even people who face difficulties expressing their emotions often find themselves laughing or crying during the show, they take you on a trip through history and begin meaningful discussions. Movies like Within Our Gates, Zora Neale Hurston Fieldwork Footage, hidden figures, Harriet that portray the events of slavery, the fight for equal African-American rights, discrimination, and present activities are important resources that make people keep being engaged with the African culture. Documentaries also serve as a great resource of taking a closer look at history through first person accounts and historical narrative.

4. Decorate your home with Black/ African / cultural art

What better way can you express your love for the African culture than decorating your home with African-inspired styles. Furnishing your environment with some unique African items will portray your burning desire for the African culture.  Try getting some African Art pieces, or some beautiful tribal or African print decor items. This will make you keep celebrating Black history, arts and culture, not only during Black History Month, but throughout the year.

5. Try / Learn how to cook some African dishes.

Thinking of doing something unique? Why not refresh your weekly dinner menu and enjoy some fresh African dishes? Bring your family members together and have some quality time-sharing African-American history while creating some cool African dishes. They are many recipes you can try out which all depend on your preferred taste. Youtube is an excellent cookbook. Why not try baking a traditional Moroccan chicken Bastilla pie, or try out an Ethiopian chicken dish. Take time to share any Caribbean, African, or traditional African American recipe with your family.

6. Visit a nearby Museum with your family.

Throughout the month of February, the Museums in town always host Black History Month programs daily where they showcase lots of interesting aspects of African-American heritage and achievements in history, science, art, music and more. Most of them also host lots of beautiful events like some mini-musical and lessons on important historical icons which makes spending time worth it.

Examples of some museums and cultural centers focused on preserving black history and culture include National Museum of African American Heritage (DC), National Museum of African Art (DC), Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (NY), The King Center (GA), Whitney Plantation (LA) and much more. To make it more fun, have everyone choose a notable black figure they will like to know more about, dress like them and share what they learned about the figure they choose.


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